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«Repossesion» .:EN3RGIE:. «Repossesion» .:EN3RGIE:.

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I have to tell you, this is probably one of the best (actually, the best) sad song I've heard on Newgrounds (except for maybe EvilDog's Sands of Time).

I think I'm probably going to use this on the next flash I'm doing in the introduction (since it's an apocalyptic sort of movie). [I may have to cut up the song though since it's a bit too long, hope you don't mind? Plus, I don't really work on the flash that much so it'll probably take a while to finish :P]

The melody is great, the piano backing is superb for giving the sad mood, and the vocals is a very, very nice touch. The only thing that I remotely didn't like is the techno-ring sound (if you have any idea what I'm talking about), and if I could remove it I would, because in my opinion it would sound better without it. (OMGWTFBBQ No flaming plz!)


I think I've said enough.
But yeah, definately downloading this track.
If you wanna contact me or respond to this just send me an email (razorice at gmail dot com) since I'm not on Newgrounds often anymore.